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Eggs & Asparagus Benedict

After nearly a week of being on the Cabbage Soup–“The Miracle Soup”–Diet with my husband,  all I can think about are the dishes I had right before going on the diet…and what I’m going to have when I get off of it!  I need normal food!!

This diet is definitely not the most delicious.  I mean, look at it:

You call that “yum?!”

So, I’ve pretty much decided that even though Eggs Benedict was my breakfast the day before starting my soup diet, I’m going to make it again the day I’m off of it!

Eggs Benedict has to be one of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes…(or is it just because it was my last “normal” breakfast?)  But most of the time I can only eat so much–it’s often too rich tasting to have much of it. Last week when I made it; however, I had the inspiration to add a healthy aspect to it in the form of crisp-tender steamed asparagus…and it was yum! And it definitely broke up the richness of the sauce so that I could eat even more (why not, right–the next day I was going to start my diet!).

For Eggs Benedict, I layered a fluffy biscuit with a  fried egg and steamed asparagus, then dolloped (or globbed) 🙂 on the Hollandaise sauce (I love Martha Stewart’s–with a few added spices like rosemary or dill). Enjoy!

-Kristin (Walder) Ruck