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Lettuce Wraps

I’ve had delicious lettuce wraps a couple of times this past week–the perfectly filling, yet cool, lunch during the summer. And I’ve been desperate to find a great recipe for lettuce wraps that I can make at home. So I combined a few items, and it actually turned out just as great!


In the iceberg lettuce leafs, I put in rice, cold cooked chicken, chopped cucumber and onion, Thai sweet chili sauce, asparagus sauted with sesame oil, and peanut sauce. But experiment on your own! You could switch out the rice for couscous, and chicken for seared shrimp, and perhaps plum sauce instead of the peanut sauce. It’s delish!


Grilled vegetables – your quandries solved!


     Who doesn’t love grilled veggies in the summer? When asparagus, squash, or corn is seasoned just right and thrown over the coals, the crispness of the flesh is preserved, and the spices you’ve chosen to accentuate the flavor are seared onto the skin, resulting in an incredible texture. Nothing beats it, right?

     Unfortunately, my kids will beg to differ. Proponents of the old “veggies should be steamed, not grilled” movement, they prefer that the green on their plate has “no black marks and doesn’t taste like fire” (yes, they really say it like that). And, while I love the taste and surface consistency of grilled veggies, I too enjoy certain kinds (i.e. the squash and its many cousins) both ways. So, what’s a mom – or, perhaps a BBQ event host – to do in this situation?

     My solution: People like them both ways – so cook them both ways! There’s no rule that says you can’t serve fried chicken and roast chicken at the same time; likewise, who says you can’t serve grilled veggies alongside steamed? Check out the meal we had last night: fettuccine alfredo with chicken cutlets, paired with steamed zucchini rounds – and grilled zucchini slices (thanks to my mom’s stellar gardening efforts, we had plenty!).  You’re happy, your kids/guests/other assorted picky eaters are happy, and everyone gets their veggie quota met. It’s a win-win! Have you ever tried this? Let me know!


-Brook Flagg, 6/22/08